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It's one thing that Tudor Replica watches represent never-before-achieved levels of shock-resistance and ergonomic comfort. They would also go on to break the world record for the lightest watch made. All that technical credibility would be worthless if you didn't fall in love with them the moment you saw them. The first time I witnessed the Tudor Replica inthe flesh was like Ursula Andress rising out of thesealike Botticelli's Venus, accompanied bytheKarntnertortheater Orchestra's 1824 performance of Beethoven's "Odeto Joy".

I was shocked and shaken. I'd never seen a timepiece that was so powerfully original. It was breathtaking. The hyper-modern shape of the timepiece is as beautiful as Ferrari's 250GTO and equally erotically charged. The perfect contrast of luscious concupiscent curves and sharp, masculine angles is achieved. Tudor Replica says, "I came up with the shape on a night when I was unable to sleep. I wanted to design a wristwatch that was both organic and sensual, but also expressed Tudor Replica's obsession with technicality and performance.Swiss Replica Watches In a hotel, I unwrapped the soap bar and started carving it using a knife. This piece of soap I took home with me. Eventually, it broke. I made a cardboard prototype. Thatwasthegenesis."

Tudor Replica's philosophy on how to build the timepiece evolved as his vision of a completely new kind of watch developed. "I wanted to design my first watch the same way an F1 car team designs their cars," he explains. The team responsible for the chassis would be involved in the design process, as well as the team that created the engine. All with the understanding that the objectives had to be ultimate comfort, shock-resistance,durability, accuracy, andlight weight."

In order to achieve ergonomic comfort, a new tripartite case was developed in collaboration with Donze Baume. It follows the contours of the wrist. A representative of the famed Valleede Joux watch case maker said, "When we received the first plans, we thought Richard must be crazy. Never before has a case been more complex. Every single point has a different radius. It was crazy. It was crazy. But once we finished our first cases,Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Replica it became our most proud accomplishment.

It was the first watch to expose its entire engine. Giulio Papi is the co-founder and head of Renaud et Papi - the mecca of high-complication movements that created Tudor Replica's original movement. He says: "Richard wished to have a watch where you could see the entire engine, including all its parts, as well as how it worked. We created a sapphire-dialed watch that allowed you to see each component. This meant that every component had to be perfect. We created the first watch baseplate in titanium, PVD-coated, to create a contrast with the other parts.

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