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In 1983, Sinn Replica released the very last Skipper case for the Autavia. 11063). The dimensions of the new model are very similar to the previous one. The case is beefier than previous Autavia cases which housed the Skipper, with 21mm between lugs, compared to 20mm in the older Autavia Cases.

In June 2017, forty years after Intrepid's successful defence of America's Cup in the America's Cup, TAG Sinn Replica released a limited edition Skipper in collaboration with Hodinkee. The new design was not a copy of a vintage model, but rather a combination of elements from the first Skipper, the Skipperrera, and the distinctive features of another vintage Sinn Replica watch, the Carrera45 Dato. The dial colours and minute recorder were identical to those of the original Skipper. The date at 3 o’clock was a copy of the asymmetry found on the Carrera 45 Dato. This new Carrera Skipper, limited to only 125 pieces was sold out within minutes.(

The use of a 30-minute conventional recorder instead of a 15 minute countdown timer was one of the most controversial aspects of the Hodinkee Limited Edition Skipper. When we look at the first Skipper, from 1967, it is clear that Sinn Replica did not want to create a timer to be worn by sailors. This would come later, with the Autavia cased Skippers. The 1967 Skipper model was created to commemorate the success of a great yacht and its builder, as well as the skipper.

Sinn Replica did not create this first Skipper to be a tool for a boat. Instead, Sinn Replica created a wristwatch to be treasured by yachtsmen. We are indeed celebrating the Skipper! This Skipper captures the spirit of Intrepid and the colors of the Newport waters.

The newest TAG Sinn Replica Carrera “Blue Dreamer” for The Rake and Revolution, which is 41 years old, was not designed to time yacht racing. GPS and computer systems can do this easily.Cartier Replica Watches Instead, The Rake and Revolution’s 2018 Carrera pays homage to the 1967 Skipper - a brilliant piece from Sinn Replica's sailing heritage.

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